Objective Health Testing. Online.

Your health is in the colours!

Your Health, in detail, is revealed by this colour test, the result of 40 years research

Analyses your personality in minutes... with total objectivity.

  • Better still, learn which natural flower remedies will heal your psyche
  • You receive a full report of findings, and a prescription, unique to you.

The author of this site, Ronald J. Turner has been researching in this field for over twenty years, and currently runs the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative medicine in Dublin, Ireland, Ireland's leading Alternative Medicine Clinic since 1975.

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How the Colour Test Works

You choose the colours that appeal most to you at the minute. This reveals the underlying personality traits. You are then given an interpretation, based on 40 years of research by psychologists and therapists in the field of stress treatment.

Doing the Test

  • Just click on the colours in the order that you like them, one after the other. Make sure you click all 8.
  • You will be asked to do the test TWICE, for extra accuracy. You can make changes if you wish on the second test.

The Psi-Remedy Treatments

The Psi-Remedies, or colour treatments, complement this colour test. If your colours are imbalanced, we will construct a customised treatment pack for you, consisting of natural flower essences.

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