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Your health is in the colours!

Now, you can get a customised, dynamic prescription for your ailments, by doing the Colour Test.


It's not much use knowing you are highly stressed and conflicted, if you can't do anything about it, is it?! Well, with the Psi-Remedies, which complement this online colour test, you can!

Olga Turner, a medically trained naturopath, has worked for many years with natural approaches to stress and emotional problems.

The Colour Test has been her focus in this approach, and she has accurately worked out the precise remedies for the various patterns you will see in the Colour Test.

To treat her patients, she uses Flower essences, based on both symptom repertorisation and years of experience.

Now, for the first time, she is releasing her research, based on well researched patient histories over 30 years... some 4,450 cases. Depending on your colour choices when you do the test, the exact remedies that suit you are quite clear.

At the Turner Clinic of Advanced Alternative medicine, in Dublin, Ireland, for convenience, the flower essences have been put into a number of dynamite remedies for the mental and emotional side.

Olga's specific formulae for the colour patterns have been in use for many years with great success.

Contents of the Psy-analyser remedies

Colour Imbalanced Flower Essences in Psi-Remedy bottle
Grey Vervain, Elm, Star of Bethlehem
Blue Mimulus, Gentian, White Chestnut, Scleranthus, Aspen.
Green Impatiens, Agrimony.
Red Pine, Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut, Hornbeam.
Yellow Wild Oat, Olive, Hornbeam, Cerato.
Violet Willow, Pine, Chestnut Bud.
Brown Star of Bethlehem, Walnut, Sweet Chestnut, Impatiens, Water violet.
Black White Chestnut, Vervain, Chestnut Bud, Sweet Chestnut, Pine, Aspen, Hornbeam.

These bottles can be ordered following your test, each of which will be recommended depending on your readout.

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